Special Days we currently offer...


  • The purpose of 'Active Lingo Special Days' is to inspire children into language learning through creative and active experiences
  • Children can experience Yoga, Drama, IT, Singing, Art and Sports in different languages led by our trained instructors
  • Children will be immersed into activities in a foreign language in which they will learn new vocabulary and skills
  • You can book special days for 6 weeks, 3 weeks or as a one-off 'taster' session (click on pricing variants below)

More Info

  •  Book our trained instructors for either a half or full day
  • The instructor will adapt each individual session time around the schedule of your school
  • Rates of prices differ for members of PLN

Interested?     Next Steps?

  • If you are interested in having a 'Special Day' at your school simply press the 'order form' button below
  • If you would like further information on Active Lingo Special days don't hesitate to contact us via the email at..